It's always a blessing to be featured on Good Day Sacramento!  There’s nothing like the thrill of showcasing your products on live TV (but this appearance was all about the kids!).  After a few hundred Instagram comments and e-mails we finally caved to the peer pressure and made some kids tees.  We're glad we did too!  Seeing the kids sport their Loyal Roots (even if they mostly cared about running around the TV studio and touching all the expensive equipment) was awesome!

As loyalists, we place heavy emphasis on picking a team and sticking with them—no matter what.  Ups and downs are par for the course and there are many to be experienced.  Teaching kids the rules of fan loyalty is key.  If not taught early, they're at risk of liking anybody.  Even worse, they may become a fair-weather fan.  Remember, only you can prevent bandwagoners.  So do your part and get your kids gear now!